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While recreational cannabis is now technically legal in Canada, Canadians are still facing criminalization and an anti-cannabis agenda from the government.

The Cannabis Act that was passed on June 21st introduces 45 new cannabis-related offenses.

While this should be a happy time for cannabis users all over Canada, people are livid about these additional offenses.

Looks like Canada still has some work to do when it comes to decriminalization.

Capitol Compliance Management blog - The Cannabis Report #9 and the Canadian flag. Find out why Canadians are unhappy with The Cannabis Act.
Capitol Compliance Management blog - The Cannabis Report #9. Find out what happened when someone accidentally had 10 pounds of marijuana delivered to the wrong address.

Someone accidentally had 10 pounds of cannabis delivered to an address in Indiana, a notoriously anti-cannabis state.

The person who received the package was as anti-cannabis as the rest of their state and immediately called the police.

The police then made jokes about it on Twitter, taunting the person who made a 10-pound mistake.

“Please help! My name is 10 Pounds of Weed. I am lost and looking for my owner.”

Boston considered their first retail recreational cannabis dispensary on July 2nd.

For now, the shop named Cultivate is for medical patients only but they’re working toward the license to sell to recreational customers as well.

This would be an amazing feat for the cannabis community on the east coast and will finally provide the people access to safe recreational cannabis.

Capitol Compliance Management blog - The Cannabis Report #9. We're rooting for you, Boston! Boston may open their first recreational cannabis dispensary.

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