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Media today is consumed by the public at a rate unimaginable in the recent past. Constantly shifting trends and the insatiable demand for more options at the touch of a button has created a marketing environment where promotion is not handled through a few choice outlets. Now every person with a mobile device and access to the internet is a potential promoter of or detractor to your brand.

The ability to publicize positive experiences and resolve perceived issues immediately is a requirement for success in today’s marketplace. Furthermore, attempting to reach a customer group that has moved on to another preferred media preference can not only stifle growth opportunities, it can create a perception that your brand is out of touch and no longer definitive product of your market place.

Recognizing that strategy adjustments need to be made in real-time, and sometimes the opportunities to capture the marketing potential of social trends can happen in a heartbeat, Capitol Compliance Management has created a team of skilled media experts to take the guesswork out of your minute to minute marketing needs.

We often think having a website is enough to promote our brands and businesses, however many skip the step of ensuring their address pops up in the first page of any search engine. Exposure and site traffic play a role in your site’s effectiveness at directing customers to your products or services.

We can help you optimize your website to boost organic online search results, and craft original content to build ongoing brand awareness using drip campaigns, email newsletters and more!

Capitol Compliance Management offers a unique approach to Search Engine Optimization services so that your website will be more readily available and recognized. Ensuring expanded reach to  your current and prospective customers.

We can create newsletters that are sent weekly to gain your subscribers’ interest, keeping them in the loop of current promotional and details unique to your company.

Our ultimate goal is to bring your brand to its height of exposure and keep it there. This builds valuable brand reputation and an edge on the market.

We will drive more leads to your business and increase consumer interest, ultimately boosting the bottom line for your company.

Weedmaps is the leading marijuana finder for medical and adult use cannabis users to locate weed dispensaries, delivery services, doctors, retail stores, and deals in your area.

It is also a community where medical marijuana users connect with other users in their geographic region to freely discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, storefronts, medical doctors and delivery services! Storefronts and Doctors can list their services for FREE.

Our communications team can help you create, manage, and grow your social media influence with well-crafted engaging content, promotions, posts, campaigns, and strategies.

We perform crucial website maintenance tasks. Sites need regular maintenance for bug fixes, updating plugins, and optimization. We have curated a process that ensures your website functions optimally these services include:

  • Updating your databases.
  • Adding copy.
  • Adding Blogs and Photos.
  • Software version updates.
  • We perform all necessary tasks to keep a website up to date to keep it running safe and secure.

All Content Management Systems (CMS) need to be maintained on a monthly basis. Neglecting even the basics of website maintenance can lead to long page loading times, compromised security, a decrease in security and page rankings.

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Give your business a boost.

Our Search Engine Optimization service will help your company website become more popular on search engines and will increase your over-all exposure.

Drive foot traffic to your store. Let us incorporate your business into WeedMaps registry, so people can quickly and effortlessly find your business online.

Keep your company website online, and current with our web hosting and maintenance services.

We can help you establish a fan-base on social media. More people talking about your company, more people visiting your business.

We specialize in refining and expanding your brand’s identity.

Appeal to your target audience, drive engagement and build brand loyalty.

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