Sacramento City Code

Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations

Chapter 5.150 Cannabis Businesses

Article III. Storefront Cannabis Dispensaries

A. No person shall operate a storefront cannabis dispensary at any place other than the specific location for which the dispensary permit is granted.

B. A storefront cannabis dispensary permittee may modify the location for which its dispensary permit is granted by filing a relocation application with the city manager’s office.

C. Article II of this chapter, relating to cannabis business permit applications, applies to relocation applications. (Ord. 2017-0060 § 3)

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I stay compliant during events, conventions, and demos?” Brands and dispensaries are walking a precarious line, and not being compliant can come with steep fines, and can even jeopardize your license.

There seems to be new laws and regulations around every corner.

It may feel like you’re jumping through hoops trying to appease them all, so you probably don’t want to risk anything.

However, you can participate in events all while remaining compliant.

Events are an amazing way of connecting directly with the community to spread your message.

Let’s make your life easier and break down the above set of regulations to fully understand them.

To summarize, no cannabis dispensary can operate their business at any location other than that of their shop. However, you may file a relocation application with the city manager’s office. With this, you may be granted a permit that allows modification of the location for your current permit.

In Sacramento, we’re all in this together.

It’s vital to us that we’re all on the same page and that no one gets left behind.

We make it our business to share knowledge to all those who seek it.

When participating in events, it’s important to understand the laws to remain 100% compliant. We look forward to participating in future events that cultivate a safe, fun, and compliant atmosphere.

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