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Available Positions:

Marketing Copywriter and Blogger

Job Description: Marketing copywriters create persuasive writing to promote the sale of a business’ product or service. The writing is used in various print and digital media materials, such as newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, blogs, websites, packaging and graphics. Copywriters often integrate the copy with graphic images, music and other visual and sound components.

Job Duties: The marketing copywriter will meet with the Marketing Director and  Art Director to consult on style and copy length.

Create persuasive copy to a target market to convince them to purchase/use a client product or services.

Marketing copywriters write copy for several different marketing materials, including articles/blogs, newsletters, advertisements and other publicity materials. Because clients and their products vary, marketing copywriters write in different styles and tones in order to reach a variety of audiences.

Computers are an essential tool of marketing copywriters. Working with assorted computer software programs, word processing, entering data, and conducting Internet research are a part of marketing copywriter duties.


Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, advertising or related field.
Other Requirements: A writing portfolio and a writing assessment test. Ability to research. Knowledge of Cannabis Industry is a plus.

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