7 Easy Compliant Cannabis Packaging Tips for Any Cannabusiness

If you’re a cannabusiness or if you’re just interested in starting one, you probably know about what happened on July 1st. If you don’t, check out our blog about the regulations that were put into place that every cannabusiness needs to know about.

Due to these new cannabis packaging regulations, many cannabis brands are struggling to get their products into dispensaries.

Even with last-minute updates, most cannabis brands feel in the dark about what is needed to remain compliant.

There’s no guarantee that the government won’t keep making changes even after you go to print with your new labels.

That’s why we’ve put together 7 tips to get you on the right track toward a compliant and successful cannabis brand.

1. Short-run printing is your friend

Capitol Compliance Management blog - Printer for compliant cannabis packaging.

Until compliance rules stabilize, save the bulk orders for later. There are new changes to the regulations coming out all the time and the last thing you need is a bulk order coming in the next day that is deemed useless according to the newest regulation.

Save your money by keeping a close watch on the changing regulations and by using short-run printing so that each batch can be as updated as the newest regulations.

2. Use at least 6-point font

An easy mistake that cannabusinesses could make as they’re putting out their labeling is not having big enough font. All of your cannabis packaging labels need to be in English and need to be clear and legible, which means no text smaller than 6 point font allowed.

Even if you get all of the necessary information on your labeling, it won’t count if no one can read it.

3. Leave counties out of it

Capitol Compliance Management blog - Leave counties out of your compliant cannabis packaging. Map of California

Your cannabis labeling shouldn’t include the name of any California county on your label with one exception: 100% of your cannabis in the product was grown there.

If you were planning on listing off a county in the Emerald Triangle for street cred, your cannabis packaging wouldn’t be compliant anymore and wouldn’t make it on the shelves of any dispensaries in California.

4. If a kid would want it, it’s not compliant

Capitol Compliance Management blog - Anything that appeals to children should be left out of your compliant cannabis packaging. Lollipop candy.

Say goodbye to cartoons and candy imagery or related text on any cannabis labeling. Even the words “candy” and “candies” were banned from cannabis packaging for this reason.

If you were thinking about taking a risk and using images or text that are popularly used to advertise to children, just don’t do it. It will cost you your compliance and may even jeopardize a child’s safety.

5. Be careful making claims that your product can do certain things

Capitol Compliance Management blog - Don't make any unproven health claims on your compliant cannabis packaging. Doctor and patient.

Any unproven health claims on your labeling could be a red flag. Health-related statements are a big no-no unless there is actual significant scientific agreement and your claims are supported by a totality of peer-reviewed publicly-available evidence.

That means any unproven claims about your product’s ability to cure or treat any disease. Slipping up with this could get you unwanted attention from the FDA who could potentially put you at risk for federal prosecution for misleading health statements.

6. Things are a little different if your cannabis products come in small containers

Capitol Compliance Management blog - Take extra precaution if you're using small containers for your compliant cannabis packaging. Small colorful boxes.

If your cannabis packaging comes in containers that are so small that you can’t fit all of the required labeling, there are other options for you. You should use another supplemental labeling, such as a peel-back label or hang tag, to include some of the requirements.

Ultimately, you need to know your stuff if you have any cannabis packaging but especially if you’re using small containers. If you need more information, we offer compliance consultation on labels before they go to print that could save you a lot of money in the long run.

7. There’s more than one label that you need to worry about

Capitol Compliance Management blog - There are two labels that need to be included on your compliant cannabis packaging. Lots of tags and labels.

But don’t worry – there are only two. The first one is the one you probably already know about: the primary panel. This is the part of the package that is displayed to the consumer at retail (typically on the front or top of the packaging).

The other one is the informational panel, which can go on any other portion of the label. You need to be able to fit 9 things on this second label (12 if it’s an edible) including a list of ingredients, date of manufacture, and introductions for use. If you need to find out what the other mandatory additions are for this label, schedule a compliance consultation with us and we can help you out with that.

If you’re a cannabusiness struggling to get the right compliant labeling for your cannabis packaging, you’re not alone.

Businesses everywhere are scrambling to get their labeling together and get back into stores as soon as possible.

If you want to be one of the first products that hit the shelves, scheduling a compliance consultation with us could save you immense amounts of money and time.

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