Huge Change in the Cannabis Industry Coming Soon: How It Affects You

July 1st will mark a historic day for the cannabis industry because not only will it affect businesses, but it’ll affect you as a customer.

You’ll notice changes that will affect the way you purchase cannabis products.

Changes that will affect the way cannabis is sold.

Changes that will lead to a cannabis industry that will look a little different than what you’ve gotten used to.

What’s going on July 1st?

All cannabis industry business including cannabis brands and cannabis dispensaries need to sell product that have 100% compliant packaging by July 1st.

This means child-resistant solutions, accurate labeling, government and state warnings, a list of the potencies and ingredients, and more.

Essentially, all packaging is getting an upgrade to keep you safe and informed about what you’re purchasing.

These regulations aren’t just necessary, they’re important for your safety and to keep you even more in-the-know.

Before these regulations, no packaging required any of that information.

But now, you’ll be able to know exactly what’s in your product, there won’t be any ambiguity in the labeling, and you won’t have to worry about your products getting into the wrong (specifically children) hands.

Capitol Compliance Management blog - Starting on July 1st, the cannabis industry will change drastically. Many of your favorite cannabis brands may fall off the market.
Capitol Compliance Management blog - Here's what to expect in cannabis dispensaries after July 1st.

What should I expect in stores?

For the few weeks or so in July, you may notice that dispensary selections are a little on the light side.

That’s because, after July 1st, all products sold need to be in compliant packaging.

While dispensaries may be on-board with being compliant, not all brands that they carry will be.

Brands that don’t get compliant by July 1st will drop off the market.

The only products left will be from the brands that remain compliant with the new packaging regulations.

For these last couple weeks of June, you’ll want to take advantage of the sales that most stores will be holding to honor the brands that won’t be joining us in July by giving them a proper send-off.

Some shops are even having sales of up to 75% off storewide products. Links to the shops in Sacramento who are participating will be provided below.

The “exit bags” that were once necessary to keep your products child-resistant won’t be needed any longer!

No more worrying about leaving your exit bag at home or buying a new one.

Because all of the products you’ll purchase after July 1st will be compliant, there will be no more need for the exit bags.

Will this affect the prices?

Cannabis prices will not get more expensive!

Prices will remain the same as they were before July 1st.

However, you might still be concerned about the current prices, and specifically the taxes.

You may be asking yourself why California’s cannabis taxes are higher than you are.

But as far as these new packaging regulations are concerned, you don’t have to worry about any changes in affordability.

Capitol Compliance Management blog - This new deadline will not affect cannabis prices. Don't worry!
Capitol Compliance Management blog - Do you work in a dispensary? Have a job in the cannabis industry? You'll want to pay attention to what's going on and how it'll affect you.

I’m from a dispensary. What hurdles will I face?

The lack of product in that transition period in early June will be your biggest hurdle.

Your, and everyone else’s shop’s limited selection, will put certain products in higher demand.

This will create a larger sense of competition between dispensaries.

The best thing for you to do, as a dispensary, is to keep your eye open for new and compliant cannabis brands to add to your shelves.

Get involved with the brands we work with and get cutting-edge compliant brands in your shop today to stay ahead of the competition.

Brands that will be popping up now will have a higher sense of establishment and will be held to a higher standard in general.

These are the brands that you want in your stores, and more importantly, before any of your competition gets their hands on them.

What will the future look like?

After an awkward transition period, you’ll begin to notice more and more product trickling into stores.

More brands will become compliant.

You’ll see some of your favorite brands do some rebranding.

You’ll notice some new brands on the scene that are making their debut.

The “exit bags” that dispensaries have you use and reuse to put your product in when you leave will be a thing of the past.

Capitol Compliance Management blog - The future of the cannabis industry will be a different image after July 1st.

This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for the cannabis industry and everyone involved. This isn’t just about packaging. July 1st will mark the first day that cannabis products are held to a higher standard.

Your safety, education, and experience are the top priority of all shops and brands, and these regulations represent that. This is a small step in a big race of cannabis de-stigmatization against the world.