As the cannabis industry transforms from a shadowy black market into a regulated and legally recognized industry, certain standards are changing the way we see cannabis. Most importantly, the safety of cannabis products is being scrutinized. Consumers can now can know how safe their products are due to the new regulations.

You may have noticed the Always Lab Tested stamp in articles and publications throughout Sacramento, but what exactly does it mean?

Scientist lab tested

  1. Tested for mold and mildew

Plants are naturally good at sustaining ecosystems of a wide array of biological species, including mold and mildew.

Cannabis is no different.

If not tended to properly, your cannabis products could be teeming with unseen molds that could be harmful to your health.

The Always Lab Tested stamp ensures that the cannabis product associated with it is tested by a licensed laboratory to assure that there is no mold, mildew, or other harmful species living on your cannabis products.

      2. Tested for pesticides

When you purchase organic cannabis, you’re leaving man-made fertilizers and harmful pesticides behind.

Pesticides have proven links to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and even birth defects.

But how do you really know that your products have been lab-tested to ensure a lack of damaging chemicals?

The Always Lab Tested stamp secures that your products have been tested by licensed laboratories so that you aren’t consuming harmful chemicals.

      3. Tested for potency

Most flower purchases are motivated by THC and CBD ratios.

This is exactly why cannabis businesses are getting their products lab tested to examine the potency of each individual product.

When you see the Always Lab Tested stamp, you can feel confident in knowing that you’re getting exactly what you wanted.

We are always looking for ways to improve the industry and to raise the standards of cannabis so that consumers everywhere can feel safe and secure in their cannabis product purchases. We created the Always Lab Tested symbol, which is now gaining traction among many major publications, as a way for consumers to recognize the quality and care that goes into their products instantly.

Want the logo associated with your products? Comment below, or get in touch, and we’ll show you how to get it.